Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Secret Recipe

On the great friday morning,when i woke up i feel sooo much hungry. I slept at my bff (ekyn) house at baiduri apartment nearby my house. She ask me to accompany on dat day cz her roommate is going back to their hometown. I've slept around 7 o'clock in da morning. Juz 3 hours sleeping tyme cz dat nyte im on da net till dawn updating my fb,blog and etc. thnx ekyn bg pinjam broadband (even internet slow giler babs).
 She woke me up around 10 and gave me a shirt cz im jz wearing a red tank top and short pants. Sumone will come. Around 10 mnts later,her bff coming.

Around 12 we both getting hungry and she call our friend (nieza) 4 having a lunch together.
I tot dat we just having our lunch juz nearby at her house bt i was wrong when nieza n sara said dat we're having our lunch at secret recipe,sacc mall. OMG! Aku da la tgh kering ne. Korg ne mmg laa...... Bt aku layankan jelaa. Dan sememangnye mngidam lg nk mkn at my fav restaurant (secret recipe). We arrived there and trus order. At first i dun wanna order anything cz tgh kering sehabis2nye but ekyn said "nvm juz order jgn takot2. aku ade wanie". N i just order a slice of white chocolate macadamia cake with a glass of pepsi. nyum.. nyum..

THNX EKYN sbb blanje aku!! next tyme will be urs k??

This is some pictures 4 of us