Saturday, August 25, 2012

1st Anniversary

Happy 1st Anniversary Amer Firdaus!! Its been a year after our 1st date on the 20th august last year.. For those yang tak tahu we all have no exactly perfect date as a couple tp we all decide to choose the date on our 1st date time bulan puase last year. Konon nye ajak buke puase kat chilis. Teringin katenye.. Pastu terus bershopping raye. Kinda new thing for me sbb Xde nak mintak2 couple like kanak2 skolah buat dlu dah. We all paham2 sendiri je. I syg u. U syg i. Enuff!!!

Alhamdulillah dalam setahun tu macam2 haa dah ditempuh. Suke , duke , gaduh , bertepuk tampo tapi yang banyak nye happy all the time. Thank u Amer Firdaus for being the best , loving and understanding boyfriend i ever had and fill the emptiness inside my heart dulu tu.. U came at the perfect time.

Appreciate to have u as my boyfie and hoping the best for us soon. Insyaallah kalau umur panjang ade jodoh ade rezeki we can achieve what we have plan for the time being.

One day a year to recognize 364 other days of putting up with me, it doesn't seem fair. Thank you for working so hard and putting up with me. Last but not least i wanna let u know that my love for u will lasting forever and i love u endlessly!