Sunday, February 26, 2012

Congrats Lisa & Yusry!!

credit to : oh artis!

On the 23rd February 2012 the sweetest couple of the year have been safe married at Marriot Hotel , Putrajaya. Alhamdulillah all flow like planned and me as their fan wud like to take this opportunity to say CONGRATSSS to LISA SURIHANI and YUSRY ABDUL HALIM!!

Gile excited taw x nak tengok this couple punye dokumentari on astro RIA. 9 o'clock dah terpacak depan tv semate mate nak tgk this couple for the first appearance on media as hubby n wifey. Just imagine I dari Jusco Bukit Tinggi are rushing back home just to watched them on tv. How excited i am kann?? Hahahahaha~

10 o'clock and the show start. Omaiiiiiiiiii!!!!! I think they has been paired with each other lah. Gile daym suwittt weyh.. Crious shit suwiiitt. Felt like super duper jealous. I wanna be like them oso!! CRIOUSLY!! Eventhough my time has not arrived yet to think about marriage thing but when just watched them on tv the aura came unexpectedly and i was like Arggggghhhhhhh gile cumel lah , gile suwit lah , gile gile gile and so on.. And mama just smile to watching me kerazy like dat. Hahahaha~

At the end of the documentary they showed the 'akad nikah' and heard the mas kahwin for Lisa is a gold platinum.. I was like PERGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Camni ayat yusry during the 'akad nikah'.... "aku terima nikahnye Lisa Surihni Binti Mohammad dengan mas kahwin seutas rantai platinum tunaii". I'm kinda 'ter'screamm.. " Whatt??? Platinum Gold?? " Wahhhhh.. It's enuff to say that words and just imagine i was at lisa place.. No more words can describe it. Hahahahaha~ Lame2 berangan pon xcantek kan? berangan jela kejenye yg bolehh.... hahaha~

credit to : google

credit to : oh artis!

credit to : oh artis!

Last but not least to Lisa and Yusry  wishing u all the love and happiness in the world and once again congrats on ur marriage.. Aminnnn........