Tuesday, November 15, 2011


As usual bile cuti sem online jela keje nye 24/7 and lepas balik dari mendapatkan makanan yg diidamkan iaitu kueh peneram n cool blog , on my baby macbook and trus sign in twitter. Facebook dah jarang sbb nye ramai sgt stalker. Semua yg dibuat semua org dapat tawu dalam mase yg kejap. Mengalahkan artis dikejar paparazzi taw! Hahahaha. Terperasan jap. Tapi hakikatnye memang betul.

Soooo... Stop cite about stalker / paparazzi and etc.. Now im gonna tell u guys what type of sexy guy dari pandangan mate I. As i've done on my tweet like doing hashtag #ituSexy this are the list.

For me a guy SEXY bile mereka :

boleh imamkan makmum =)

A guy who wear baju melayu cekak musang with samping
look simple , nais and sejuk mate memandang

Daym lahh tgk badan dye..

A guy who can read my mind without im telling him nothing
*B , is it you? =)

A guy that can play guitar for his gf
*B , is it you? =)

A guy who wear braces
*B , awak cakap nak pakai kan? =)

Skater Boy
Even nampak like budak2 tp tu adalah stylo

A guy with Sean John Unforgivable Perfume
Perghhhh.. Bau dye! Sumpah caer..

Guys with dimple
Ya Allah! Comell nyeeeee.. Macam nak cubit pp kaw..

Guys with piercing
Omaigod! Style abess doww.. 
Tapi better jangan bwak jumpe parents sbb nnt sia sia kene maki. Hahahaha.. =)

A guy yg mampu or mempunyai HONDA CIVIC TYPE R
Perghh.. Even muke xhandsome pon ttap nmpk handsome lah..
*B , can u change ur honda city to this car? hehe =)

A guy yg memakai jersey MANCHESTER UNITED!
As my favourite team lah kan wajib untuk kelihatan sexy slalu. Aww!! Aww!!

A guy wearing necklace
*Actually i nak cakap awak pakai rantai tu sexy tp rantai tu saye yg pakai skg means sy lah sexy!
Hehehehehehe =)

A guy yang pakai baju kemeja n senteng lengan
Ouh shit!!  It look soooo sexayy bebeh...

A guy with neymar hairstyle
*B , awak nampak handsome bile wat rambut cmni. 

A guy kiss on a forehead
*B , awak shooo romantic n sexayyy

A guy who really can dance
shuffle , tecktonic , as long as he can dance dah cukup nmpk sexy

Sware baru bangun tido or sedang tido
Ouh daym sexay! Serak2. 

Everything about #AFFH

1. The thing dat make u tension?
     Bile keadaan stress .

2. Category bf anda? ( Handsome , biase , buruk )
    Of course handsome plus comel! =)

3. Your favourite food?
    Olio Spaghetti kat delicious , ayam penyet , meatball ikea , tutti frutti & of course my mum's cooking!

4. Your favourite drink?
    Pink panther kat murni and akan order teh o ais bile lepak.

5. The thing dat u want to do with ur bf (teringin)?
    -  Having a vacation together.
    -  Having a candle light dinner myb.

6. The thing dat u want to do with ur friends?
    Travel , jalan2 together ramai2. Mesti best!

7. U dun like when..........
    Sumone really annoying! rase mcm nak tampo jerrr.. 

8. Ur best friend is.......
    Teman bergossip bersame and NOT SELFISH!!

9. U are......
    Friendly! =)

10. U're most angry with ur bf when.....
      Belom penah marah lg tp everyday akan geram with him sbbnye he always make me GRRRRRR!!! I LOVE YOU B  :-*

11. U dun like when ur bf said
      "Baby, i nak smoke kejap" and i feel like cigarette is more important then me kn B? :'(

12. What makes u really loves your bf?
      He always make me high n cheer me up each day .  The best i ever had.

13. Ur dream is
      I wanna go to disneyland!! Nak ade kerete sendiri , rumah sendiri myb and i nak baby yg comel2!

14. What do u want?
      I just pray that he is the last one and forever gonna be mine. Insyaallah. Aminn..

15. The thing dat u wont do?
      Terjun bangunan. Bunuh diri.

16. Ur bf is........ (5 reason)
      - a person who cares about his gf
      - manja ooooo
      - loving
      - sweet sgt3
      - a good listener and good advisor! I LOVE U CFOO!! :-*

17. Your ex bf is.....
      - EGO

18. For the time being what u wanna do...
      I wanna wait for him sampai dye abes men golf. And jap g mesti dye call. Cant wait!!

19. I like.....
      - Shopping.
      - I like to talk with him. If boleh i want him always be with me. (i wish i can but i cant)

20. My Best Friend Forever is :
      Anyone comfort with me.

21. I dun understand when :
      People talk with me mandarin. Aiyaaa! I'm not chinese la dheyyy...

22. Everybody thoughts : 
      I'm chinese! HATE IT!!!

23. Meaning of my name : 
      (FATIN HAZWANI) = Si genit @ Si comel @ Si cantik PEMBERIANKU

24. Love is :
      Learn to appreciate loves one.

25. I wanna try :
      to be what he want me to be. Tapi tak penah ckp pon lg. hehehe.

26. The words FOREVER means :
       Till the end. Till death.

27. My blackberry is :
      My life sbbnye cant live without it. The way that i connected to him.

28. At one place sumone :
      Sedang online which is my brother. Tah ape la yg dye buat!

29. When i woke up :
       Grab my hp and bbm/wassap my love. Check twitter as usual. =)

30. I  dun like when :
      Pompuan gedik2 with my boyfren infront of me. Gile annoying weyh!
31. The thing dat u love to do :
      Onlining , shopping (bile ade duet) , hang out ramai2 ngn kawan2.

32. The thing dat ur bf love most
      His BB Torch and his iPhone 4 of course

33. Your boyfriend is......
      Suke buat suprised , sweeeet sgt!

34. Your boyfriend like to....
       - Maen futsal
       - Lately dye gile maen golf
       - Memancing sumtimes
       - And dah jarang pegi gym dah

35. The words dat always he said to u....

36. About ur boyfriend....
      He's the one who make me crazy over him day by day. Even mule2 like HANYA KAWAN. Tp dye bijak untuk memikat. Saye syg awak lebih. Aww! Aww! Aww! Ayat abes skema doww... He always keep the smiling on my face xkire siang or malam. I'm happy with him. Really!

37. Physically ur boyfriend.....
      Taller then me. Kecik org nye. And i love his hairstyle. 
*B,plss keep the neymar style on ur hair puhleeez... Wee~

38. The reason why u wrote this note : 
      I want my bf to read dis. And i want he knows about us.

39. The language u guys using :
      Mix malay n english.

40. The romantic scene dat he had done to u :
      - Keluar dr kerete and give me a bouquet of flowers for my convocation day.
      - He draw my face on a sketch pad. 
      - Always kiss me on a forehead.

41. My boyfriend is
      Seorang yg sgt sgt sgt degil..

42. Your boyfriend dun like when you.....
      Buat keje last minute laaa.. hehehe =)

43. His favourite when with you...
      Suke pegang tgn , maen kuku n kiss my hand while driving.

44. Is your boyfriend loves you?
      Yeap! Absolutely.

45. U like when ur boyfriend.....
      - always be with me when i need him 
      - say that he loves me
      - buat suprised yg unexpected. 
      - bercerita about his daylife.
      - share a gossip! hahaha~

46 . Message for your boyfriend......
       I love u infinite AMER FIRDAUS! I want u to know that i really appreciate to have u in mylife and i dun wanna lose u. Thanks because being the best mate i ever had taw taw taw?? hehehe.. Thanks jugak sbb slalu ade dgn i bile i tension dgn keadaan. U always cool me down. Thank you sooo much for being around in mylife!! I LOVE U ENDLESSLY B........