Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy 393 days together!!

We have been planning for this celebration lame dah. Since hari raya lagi tp masing2 bz kerja + every weekend full of activity. Open house lah bbq lah. So we decide to celebrate on last monday which is cuti 1 malaysia and a public holiday for him.

Pelbagai idea for our 1st celebration. At last we decide to celebrate our belated anniversary at the first place we dating each other at Chili's, One Utama. It's been a year jgk xmakan dekat Chili's OU. Lame kan?? Hahahaha.. Dah setahun lebih jgkla we as a boyfriend girlfriend xdtg situ.

At the first date jugak i fall in love with him. With his kindness, with his soft spoken, with his craziness, and JAMBUNESS especially. Hahahaha.. Sbb tu la terjatuh hati tu.. Cewah! And criously im proud to be ur girlfriend as well Amer Firdaus!!

Nothing much hoping but as I always pray is we love each other till jannah.. Tq for being the bestest boyfriend i ever had and the coolest guy i ever met even sometimes kpale i crack , sometimes gedik2. Eh bukan sometimes tp always gedik but still u nak layan i.. Hahaha.. Me love u endlessly AMER FIRDAUS!!