Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Beloved Mumma

Sorry for late celebrating ur birthday ma. Friday was bz dengan nak tunjuk kerja dekat pak mat and malam ke Shout Awards kat Sunway Lagoon with my friends.

And finally on Saturday bari dapat balik and supriseee!! I bought u a beautiful cake made specially for u ma. Hehehe..

Anyway,happy birthday to the world's greatest mumma and there are surprises to unfold and candles to blow.. Have a super awesome day, Wish you a blast birthday ma.. I love u ma.. Hehehehe

For those yg nak cake/cupcakes cantik2 for special ones or ade event ke nak tempah tryla search kat fb

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Shout Awards 2012

The Shout Awards 2012 just happening last Friday night. Unfortunately, kinda boring crowd but we had so much fun the 5 of us. This is the 3rd time i've been there at Shout Awards. The 2 last event was held at Bukit Jalil. Crowd time tu was superb ohsem. And artis jemputan pun is Sean Kingston and Iyaz. Mmg truly ohsem but this year pulak the crowd was hambar.

A week before the event i g media prima with my brother untuk ambil Shout Awards tickets. And the show yg dinanti nantikan is DJ Goldfish & Blink spin tapi kitorang sampai lambat sbb sijambukesayangan i keje. Tunggu punye tunggu rupenye they spin time opening. So mmg xdpt tgkla. 11 o'clock trus chow and g makan kat Williams.

Even its a boring crowd and event but im greatful that i have 4 cracks people that night. Ohsem night perhaps. Anyway, tanak bebel panjang panjang and tengok jelah gamba2 yg berjaye di snap.

P/S : Shout Awards taun nie a bit bosan! Hahaha

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