Saturday, December 19, 2009

PLKN @ Kem sentosa , Tapah

While waiting the SPM result I’ve been selected to the national service at KEM SENTOSA , TAPAH , PERAK DARUL RIDZUAN. In my first day in that camp , I was a lonely girl with no friends that I know. And it was totally different from my real character which is I’m a happy-go-lucky person. I feel like wanna runaway from that camp , but I can’t do so. In Kem Sentosa , Tapah I’ve been stayed at dorm Bravo F3 and Bravo is my company that we must take good care with the company which is we must care about the flag , the name of my company and etc. Everyone in the company have their responsible how to make the company always on top of the others like always win all the competition , always take good care of their attitude so that the marks will mark down on the result by our facilititators. At national service , everyone had learned so much thing that we never been learned before at school likes character building , nationality , community service and physical activity. Also I’ve learned to carry a gun that called M-16 and I got a chance to shoot it. In community service me and my friends are gifted an opportunity to go to the Rumah Orang-Orang Tua Teluk Intan to feel their life in that house. And we also have been trusted to do a campaign and meet people out there. I’ve gain a lots of experience and it was my greatest experience I’ve never had in my life. When I graduated from the national service , I feel myself more confident and not afraid of whatever challenge came from. Alhamdulillah it was done in only 3 months. I miss all my friends and my teachers in that camp. I wish that one day I can meet them again. Insyaallah…

latihan meredah kolam aer yg sgt busokk!!

kamilah juara

before menjalani latihan

open day

kawad kaki


My younger brother , MUHAMMAD FAZREEN HAIZAL BIN FAIZUL was born on 21st April 1995 at Hospital Fatimah , Ipoh , Perak. At that time I was only 6 when I know that my mum was pregnant. I always ask my mum what is inside her stomach and she told me that was a baby and I’m gonna be a sis soon. The gap between me and him is around 6 years. We were babysit by our neighbour when my parents working. He suddenly started his primary school at SK Anglo Chinese School (ACS) , Ipoh. The same school goes by my dad before. After a year we’ve been moved to Shah Alam because of my dad had transferred there. Then , he continued his school at SK Seksyen 9 , Shah Alam around 2 years before we’ve been moved again to Taman Sri Andalas , Klang and started his school at SK Sri Andalas , Klang. Now , he already in secondary school in form 2. He school at SMK Sri Andalas , Klang which is the school is just behind of my house. When he was free he likes to play football,PS,and sufr the internet of course!
kadang2 perangai dye sgt annoying tp nk wat cane dye ttap adeq aku..



My mom , HASIAH BINTI HJ IBRAHIM was born on 23rd of November 1962 at Sentosa Island , Singapore. She moved to Malaysia with the whole family when she was 13 years old. My grandpa has retired as British Army and went back to my grandma hometown in Perak. She started her primary school in Sentosa Island and her secondary school was in SMK Methodist , Kerian , Perak. After finishing her SPM , she suddenly looking for a job in Kuala Lumpur and work as promoter in Metrojaya. After a year she had been offered a job by UMBC Bank (known as RHB Bank) as a clerk in Ipoh. She started her living in Ipoh and get married with my dad in 1987. She work there almost 15 years before get offered to take the Voluntary Seperation Scheme (VSS) in 1999. Now on , she have been a fulltime housewife and take good care about my family. My mom likes to cook. And whatever she cooked by it can makes me and my family remind to her meal most of time. It’s delicious! Tp mama sgtlahh garang apbila mngetahui anak2 dye sgt2 lah degil....
kami selalu wat dye mara!! huhuhuhuhu..



My dad FAIZUL BIN ALIAS was born on 7th August 1962 at IPOH , PERAK DARUL RIDZUAN. He was totally Perakians. He started his primary school in SK Anglo Chinese School (ACS),Ipoh and continue his secondary school at SMK Anglo Chinese School in Ipoh. He started working at Bank Bumiputera (known as CIMB Bank) , Ipoh in 1980's. He worked there around 10 years. After awhile he started working at many places for gaining his experience and now he work as a freelancer and had his own business. Alhamdulillah my dad as a leader in the family can give us a comfort and luxuries life. My dad likes to travel and his hobby when he have a free time is taking my family go out and go for a holiday.Abah jgak active dlm politic tp sbg org bwahan jelaa..
idup UMNO!! Hahahaha.. tetbe jerkk..


Mesyuarat perwakilan UMNO bhgn kota raja

shopping tyme!! KLCC

F1 Circuit


I was named by my dad as FATIN HAZWANI BINTI FAIZUL which means a “beautiful giveness” in Arabic words.
 Or kwan2 akn memnggil diriku dgn name wanie , fatin or atyn..
 In my family ALONG laa of coz.. 
I was born on 28th of May in 1989. So,on dat day i NK ADIAH!!!
 My life is such a simple,happy and full of incident which is sweet and bad thing was happened.

people noe me as WANIE!!
 Nothing much about me
just a simple and happy go-lucky girl
 talkative person 
 LOVE to make friends
seorg yg gile2
n sgt open minded

im new here!!

still baru dlm mnulis blog ne n sdg berjinak2 ntuk mnulis..
nway,tak byk ntuk diceritakn pon..
so,just wait 4 next coming post!!