Saturday, July 23, 2011

In the end

I wasn’t good enough.
As usual, I wasn’t good enough for him. I had nothing left to offer.. I don’t have a place in his life. Almost 3 onths back together after a crious relationship amost 5 years he still stands as a huge part of me. Where do I stand to him? Nowhere.
How easy it was for him to tell a new girl that he loved her.. That he cared about her so much.. Even then, even after I knew all of that, I continually kept throwing myself, my body at him.. In hopes that maybe that would bring something positive back. But it didn’t.. And he doesn’t care. He doesn’t notice the little things about me.. His thoughts aren’t filled with me like mine are with him. He doesn’t worry about how I am, he’s not concerned at all. Yet, although I knowingly understand all of that, I’m still here laying in bed, watching as the tears fall onto my lap. Here I am still wanting him back.. but he's not.....

I remember the love we shared. Now i know, it’s over… You probably hate me. Yes i’ve tried to move on while we were apart, but no i couldn’t do it. I am so in love you. You have no idea how madly & crazy in love i am with you. I just wish you could see. I’m sitting here crying like a retard, knowing you hate me. You’re my best friend, lover, & everything i ever wanted. I guess i just don’t know what happened. Maybe we moved too fast? Maybe we just aren’t meant to be? But no matter what, you are my first & only love. Syafiq ikmal razali ,  please when you read this i hope it makes you think “That girl really does love me!”. If it doesn’t then, i’m sorry. I love you so much, this is really hurts…

I hate you. To think that I actually had feelings for someone like you. You used me, and then let me go.
Then you came back to my life, and did it again. But I was stupid enough to fall for it. Why did you have to lead me on? and then out of disappear. You should man up and show your true feelings, instead of hiding behind a screen. Come to my house, show your face, and tell me what you truly feel.  Your not even man enough!!  UGHHHHHHH. I hate you. I don’t know what i did. probably nothing, you’re just a heartless moron. Thanx to you!! I just hate that I was super nice to you, when I shouldn’t have been.  
I’m an idiot, and I can’t take it back. Why did you pretend to be something your not? :( 

i’m sorry i’m not perfect enough for you. JUST BELIEVE IN KARMA!!!

p/s : Ketika seseorang meninggalkanmu, bukan perpisahan yg menyakiti, tapi kenangan bersamanya yg terus mengikuti.